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NameMr. Subhadeep Bera
Organization or InstitutionUniversity of florida
TopicInorganic Chemistry

Subsite differentiated Fe4S4 Clusters supported by a tri(phosphine) podand


Subhadeep Bera and Leslie J. Murray

Author Institution(s)

University of Florida


Iron-sulfur clusters are ubiquitous in biological systems, participating in bond activation and electron transfer processes. Despite long standing efforts to develop synthetic models for these metal cofactors beyond the electron storage and transfer properties, only recently has the binding of small molecule substrates and the radical reactivity been demonstrated. However, these precedents employ abiological donors (i.e., N-heterocyclic carbenes). To, that end, we aimed to assay how the ligand field influences reactivity and present here a tri-phosphine podand, which templates a subsite differentiated 4Fe-4S cluster. Reactions of the as-synthesized [4Fe-4S]+ cluster bearing a chloride on the subsite Fe and supported by this ligand with a variety of substrates, including inorganic azide, and Grignard and organolithium reagents will be discussed with specific reference to nitrogenase and radical S-adenosylmethionine enzymes, respectively.